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scenes from an attack… The 3rd Vespa Attack!

December 5, 2007

[1] that’s the actual pocket calendar I was refering to in this post.

Call it cliché, but a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Now get ready to immense on a post that could be as lengthy as an epic novel with these colorful images taken from the 3-day event called the Vespa Attack III. See the rest of the photographs.

Day I: Meet & Greet Party
venue: Gweilos (Makati)
count: 35 scoots + 3 other scoots came by when the group left already

[2] the Vespinoys who showed up for the Meet & Greet

[3] Mod band — Juan Pablo Dream — provided the music that night

Day 2: Swap Meet, Tiangge and Art Exhibit
venue: Manila Speedzone (The Fort, Taguig City)
count: 118 riders visited + unaccounted backrides and walk-in guests

[4] on display is this vintage Vespa GS fitted with the modern PX200 cc engine

[5] even the Yellow Cab Pizza delivery unit was on display

[6] my Vespamilya (just came from my daughter’s first communion) and my nephew who did this Vespa doodle art

[7] just some of the Vespa goodies in the tiangge (flea market) area. Do you see the mod-VCOP logo shirt I was talking about?

[8] my Art Vespa and it’s inspiration on canvass with the Vespa Club of PH logo I designed on the background

[9] What are these wasps looking at?

[10] That’s VCOP prexy Rico and I while talking in front of the Stoplight TV camera. Well, at least Rico did the talking while I just nodded on his side. hahaha :D

Day 2: City Ride, Round-Up & Chillout Night
destination/venue: Hotrocks (Libis, QC)
count: 102 registered (riders & guests)

[11] City Ride takeoff at Speedzone

[12] scoots parked around Hotrocks

[13] Looser Patrol – a reunion of the Magnificent 5 who chose not to conquer the Highest Point during the Baguio Ride early this year. :P

[14] reflections on a chromed cowl

Day 3: Tagaytay Breakfast Ride
venue: Taalena Restaurant, Tagaytay City
count: 20 heads (riders + 4 peeps carpooled due to lack of sleep from previous night’s engagement)

[15] a souvenir shot after a hearty breakfast with cool breeze

[16] Scoot66 boys gearing up for the impromptu visit at Carmona Race Circuit

– – – – – – – – – –

photo credits: pics 1, 5 & 11 by Jon Lara; pics 2, 13, 15 & 16 by Dennis Floro; pics 3 & 14 by Mario Rodas; pics by 4 & 9 by Jojo Agoncillo, 6, 7, 8 & 10 by Bob Fortuno and pic 12 by Jamboy Oca

count stats provided by: Mario Rodas (Gweilos & Speedzone), Yey Yatco (Hotrocks) and Jordan Cinco (Tagaytay)

For more images from Vespa Attack 3, simply click on the following links:

kap42no’s flickr gallery
Jordan5’s flickr gallery
photos by the Sexy Times Crew
• Vexel9’s Vespa Attack 3 Swap Meet gallery
DMF_8888’s flickr gallery
• more pics are also posted in this Vespinoy thread
• you may also login and visit this VCOP thread

It was indeed one successful event. Congratulations to Euroscoot, Scoot66, and Vespinoy, VCOP for joining hands and successfully mounting the 3rd Vespa Attack and to Jordan Cinco (here’s the reason for the special mention) for bringing things together for the third time!

Next year ulit!



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